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Deliver efficient digital transformation with rapid workforce onboarding. All with an easy-to-use application and with minimal IT resources.

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Why Digital Adoption?

Large companies typically work with around 130 applications organisation-wide. Employees use 3-5 of those apps at any given time to complete a single work task. The enterprise application ecosystem is massive. That’s why Apty works with any web-based application whilst integrating with all your customer processes.

Apty’s digital adoption platform includes all the tools your customer needs to build engaging tours, onboarding flows, and on-screen guidance. With Apty, we can improve user experience to increase productivity, reduce employee churn, and decrease support desk load.


Workday adoption: Jane’s access story with Apty.


Service now adoption: John’s success story with Apty.


Salesforce adoption: Joe’s success story with Apty.


5 Key ways to prepare for digital disruption in the new normal 

We are living in uncertain times. Businesses are forced to re-write their business operations and plans to accommodate the unpredictability of the current world. Immediate is the word of the hour and digital medium is enabling this transition. Old methods are not sustainable anymore and businesses should be prepared with a strategy to handle digital disruption to fuel their growth.

Fortunately, today modern organizations can achieve business agility with Apty’s SaaS suite.

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Get more out of any software.

By improving end users’ software adoption, you increase ROI and decrease training costs.

Apty’s full suite of Automation, Analytical, and Guidance Tools makes any web-based application easier to use and provides actionable insights on how to improve application adoption.
We have set up an insightful Demo environment where our team can give you a real feel for Apty and see for yourself the benefits and key features that distinguish Apty from the competition.

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