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Contex manufacturers large format scanning solutions for a wide range of industries. With every innovation, their focus is to raise the quality and ease the workflow of businesses.​

Document Scanner Categories

Wide Format Scanners


IQ Quattro X Series

The Contex IQ Quattro X series is the 5th generation of Contex CIS scanners, with enhanced speed and 3 times faster data transfer, the scanner is the essence of productivity .


HD Ultra X Series

The Contex HD Ultra X series is the epitome of productivity. It doesn’t require warm-up time, it’s super-fast, it detects your paper size instantly, and it transfers data onto your screen faster than any other large format scanner on the market.


SD One Series

The Contex SD One is the a true desktop large format scanner designed for scan jobs in 36" or 24" directly from the desk. The SD One Series offer the opportunity to scan eg. construction or engineering plans directly on site.

Document Scanning Software

Contex Nextimage Software

Award-winning software for large format scanning for PC and tablet.

Contex Nextimage software for large format devices is more than just scanning software. Designed to optimize results for every use Nextimage brings out unseen details and restores even the faintest originals. Scan in vibrant color in sRGB, Adobe RGB or even full 48-bit with selected scanners. Capture and improve maps using advanced color reduction options.

The Nextimage Remote app offers you a completely new way of working. Control your software from a distance allowing you to be even more productive.



Scan, enhance and save your original in one single process.

Batch scanning

No need to press ‘scan’ every single time you feed the scanner a new original.

Auto rotate

Mark areas on the scan you want to align with using the ‘align to measure line’.


Use this option to have the
scanner take extra special care when loading, accelerating and ejecting by slowing everything down a little bit.

Improve your files

Clean and brighten both new originals and low contrast blueprints.

Printer compatibility

No large format scanner software has a longer list of compatible printer drivers than Nextimage.

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