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Simplify your employees’ work by bringing together all of their apps, communication tools and documents into one central workspace.

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An employee-centric digital workspace

Today’s typical organisation uses between 300 and 400 cloud applications, with a staggering 90% of them brought in not by IT, but rather by end-users themselves.

Workspace 365, a browser-based workspace, is a solution that automatically adapts to each individual by only showing the applications, information and documents relevant to them. With Single Sign-on, employees only have to log in once to gain access to all of their applications from any device or location. Additionally, the workspace can be branded with the organisation’s colours and logo.



Works on any device with a browser and internet connection.

One central starting point

With an intuitive user interface, you can manage all of your communication, documents, information and business processes in one central starting point.

  Single Sign-On

With Single Sign-On, you will only need to log in once to gain access to all apps.

Document Management

Simplified Document Management System through one simple interface ensures your document flow is efficient and organised.

  Clientless RDP

With the Clientless RDP within Workspace 365, you can add remote applications directly to your dashboard.

Power BI

Power BI offers a set of analytical tools that allow different data sources to be linked.

The benefits of Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On, also known as SSO, is essential for any digital workspace. It supports more robust security, ensures a much better and less fragmented user experience, and makes your portfolio of enterprise applications easier to manage. Basically, SSO is a no-brainer, establishing simplicity and security. In this article, we’re going to explore what Single Sign-On is as well as its various benefits and illustrate the power of SSO by showing how it works in Workspace 365. 

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Boost your business. Simplify work with an adaptive workspace

Workspace 365 defines the digital workspace for organisations. It breaks them free from IT restrictions, saving hours dealing with burdensome processes. This empowers people to have a happier, more productive work-life. 

Dyanix and Workspace 365 help organisations to simplify their employees' work by bringing together all of their apps, communication tools and documents into one central workspace.

We have set up an insightful Demo environment where our team can give you a real feel of Workspace 365 and see for yourself the benefits and key features that distinguish Workspace 365 from its competition.

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