Zeutschel bookscanners represent the the new benchmark for digitising large format originals.

Zeutschel is a key player in the digitisation and digital preservation of valuable documents, both in librarianship and archive management as well as in industrial companies and public administration. ​

The range of software products and accompanying services is extensive and supports libraries and archives in building up digital collections in the internet and in the realisation of digital services.

The Zeutschel overhead scanners for A1 and A0 formats have always been considered a reference for productive scanning, which is confirmed by renowned national libraries and archives worldwide. With the OS HQ they start now a new productivity era in digitizing large documents.

Document Scanner Categories

Book Scanners 


Zeutschel OS 15000

Modern as well as historical books, manuscripts, magazines, science reports, contracts or other cultural heritage, the Zeutschel OS 15000 is the multifunctional solution for nearly all digitization tasks.


Zeutschel OS 16000

Compact, mobile, fast, productive and simple,the Zeutschel OS 16000 meets the needs of professional users in libraries, archives and companies: maximum book protection, superb image quality, high productivity and easiest handling .


Zeutschel zeta

Historical books, new books, magazines, files, ring binders, contracts, balance sheets or land-use plans – there is almost nothing that you cannot digitize or copy with the Zeutschel zeta book scanner.

Document Scanning Software

Zeutschel OmniScan OS Software

All-in-one software for digitization projects with image capture, image editing, indexing, output in various data formats. Not just for use with Zeutschel scanners.

Anybody dealing with the subject of digitization in a professional capacity, knows what really matters: protecting the unique specimens (valuable books, but also magazines, bound files, contract documents, etc.) as much as possible and creating image data that are as perfect as possible. Zeutschel OnmiScan OS scanning software is the right digitization tool for these demands.


Easy and professional

The Zeutschel OmniScan OS software very easily stores a range of different configurations for the respective jobs. So, repetitive jobs can be processed much more efficiently..

Accurate and fast

The Zeutschel high-performance scanners and the OmniScan OS software are one of the most powerful digitization systems worldwide. Users are always amazed at just how quickly and precisely the image data can be edited and processed with our systems.

Powerful and flexible

The Zeutschel OmniScan OS software supports Windows 10/8.1/7 – 64 bit. To minimize the processing time, the software natively distributes the jobs (capture, image processing, storage) to all available multi core processors.

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