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For nearly 20 years, Qidenus has been producing book scanners for archives and libraries around the world.

The Qidenus scanners are advanced, industry-leading V-shaped book scanners designed for scanning and digitizing almost all types of books - including rare and fragile ones - without damaging the originals, even in fully automatic mode. Qidenus scanners can work in accordance with FADGI & Metamorfoze standards and produce archival images.

Document Scanner Categories

Book Scanners


Mastered Series

Due to the combination of V-Shape book scan technology with integrated automation processes – based on mechatronic development – the Qidenus Mastered Book Scan 4.0 is one of the most efficient semi-automatic system on the market.  The V-shape system is manufactured in 80°, and latest CMOS sensors deliver outstanding image quality.    


Robotic Series

Qidenus Robotic Book Scan is a full-automated scanning machine designed for large scale book digitisation. With the integration of all 3 operating modes – manual/semi-automated/full-automated – the system illustrates the aggregated mechatronic know-how of Qidenus, and is designed for heavy duty scanning and 24-7 operation.


SMART Series

Thanks to its innovative design, the SMART Book Scan is a manual system providing features which inherently outperform conventional flatbed scanners. The V-shape system in 100° angle treats the inserted material conservatively while the glass-plate of special coated glass supports the operator with ease in handling, resulting in outstanding productivity for a manual system.

Document Scanning Software

iGuana capture software for cultural heritage & archives


Developed by iGuana, this capture software is an all-in-one digitization platform for libraries, archives, museums, universities, government, municipalities, and other institutions. iGuana capture software allows you to scan and digitize a wide range of cultural heritage & archive materials and process large amounts of images & metadata.

It combines powerful tools in one user-friendly and intuitive system, including image capture, processing & enhancement, classification, indexing, metadata extraction, export in various formats, process & capture flow management, quality control, project management, production statistics & monitoring.


Document Scanning Software

QiCapture software


This extensive software package allows you to capture (scan or import), process and quality control books while managing different digitisation workflows at the same time. It is designed to speed up every part of the digitisation process – including functions for automated processing, data conversion and optical character recognition.



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