Workspace 365

The benefits of Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On, also known as SSO, is essential for any digital workspace. It supports more robust security, ensures a much better and less fragmented user experience, and makes your portfolio of enterprise applications easier to manage. Basically, SSO is a no-brainer, establishing simplicity and security. In this article, we’re going to explore what Single Sign-On is as well as its various benefits and illustrate the power of SSO by showing how it works in Workspace 365.

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ibml High Volume Scanning Solutions

How to greatly increase the capacity of your business?

The National Register of deceased persons in the Netherlands has about six million cardboard personal registration cards. With our help, Multiscan was able to digitize them all within seven months by using an ibml FUSiON.

Why ibml? With the help of this custom solution, Multiscan increased its scanning capacity by seven and was able to digitize up to 7.000 cards per hour. Another outstanding reason for the use of the ibml was the high-resolution camera matching the Metamorfoze light standard, a process that wasn't used in the Netherlands until then.

Watch the video of the full case study here and learn about how scanning processes can be optimized through the perfect combination of ibml hardware, ScaleHub AG software, and Dyanix tailored services.

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Enable Business Agility with Apty SaaS Suite

Do you deliver efficient digital transformation with a rapid workforce onboarding?
Large companies typically work with around 130 applications organization-wide. Employees use 3-5 of those apps at any given time to complete a single business task. The enterprise application ecosystem is massive. That’s why Apty works with any web application and cloud solutions while integrates with all your customer’s processes.

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About Dyanix

We are a leading solutions provider in the broad area of digital transformation. Dyanix offers:

  • The best and leading hardware and software solutions in scanning and capture.
  • Solutions to increase productivity, company processes, possibilities in analysis and storage.
  • A complete package of services to support our partners on many levels.

We enable our partners in digital transformation by acting as a gateway for our vendors and creating new opportunities for our resellers and end users.

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