Dyanix adds Qidenus book scanner solutions to portfolio

Dyanix widens its heritage solutions offers by adding Qidenus book scanners to portfolio.

HOUTEN (the Netherlands) – Dyanix, a leading solutions provider of document capture and digital transformation solutions, expands its book scanner portfolio with the Qidenus brand throughout Europe. Dyanix offers a range of high-end Qidenus book scanners as well as software, an e-library platform, and services. Qidenus book scanner solutions are suitable for libraries, universities, museums, archives, and other institutions.

V-shaped book scanners

The Qidenus scanners are advanced, industry-leading V-shaped book scanners designed for scanning and digitising almost every type of book, including rare and fragile ones, without damaging the originals even in fully automatic mode. Qidenus scanners can work in accordance with FADGI and Metamorfoze standards and produce archival images. Dyanix offers a reliable service and maintenance network to ensure swift operation of the scanning solutions.

Qidenus book scanner solutions are an excellent addition to the Dyanix portfolio”, says Peter de Boer, CEO of Dyanix. “With Qidenus we offer our customers a top-quality and innovative solution for the entire process of book scanning in Europe.

Qidenus scanner solutions

The Qidenus Book scanners, capture software, and digital library platform offer a solution for libraries, universities, museums, archives, and other institutions. In addition, Dyanix offers a range of technical services and has a maintenance network to ensure that customers have an optimal operation of the scanning solutions. Dyanix will sell Qidenus in the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

We are really excited to have Dyanix represent the Qidenus brand,” says Pieter Vansynghel, CEO of Qidenus Technologies. “Our partnership opens up a wealth of new possibilities to deliver premier quality book scanning solutions and substantial added value to customers.

The Qidenus Robotic is an automatic book scanner designed for the large-scale digitisation of books and continuous 24/7 production. The Qidenus Mastered is an efficient and versatile semi-automatic book scanner. And the Qidenus Smart is equipped with a manual system, designed for individual work.

Capture software for cultural heritage and archives

In addition to the book scanning equipment, Qidenus also offers capture software; QiCapture and iCapture. QiCapture caters to the exact needs of Qidenus book scanner users, whilst iCapture software for cultural heritage and archives is an all-in-one digitisation platform for libraries, universities, museums, and other institutions.

e-Library platform

The Qidenus e-Library platform is the newest addition to the Qidenus book scanner solutions. The Digital Library gives members, the general public, scientists, and researchers access to an e-library from wherever they are and whenever they want. The Digital Library solution is a digital archive for electronic books or collections. Digitised content together with associated indexes and metadata are archived in a highly secure, revision-proof, and structured manner. 

The Digital Library solution comes with an online portal that allows library members, researchers, and the general public access to digitised book collections. There is also an option to offer a subscription service to members, display content for free, or offer a combination of both. Although the solution is designed to primarily manage an e-Library, the library management system is also designed to ensure control of physical collections. 

Dyanix’s portfolio already includes various book scanners that can handle A0, A1, and A2 formats. The addition of Qidenus means that working with customised solutions for A2+ and A3 is also possible.

About Qidenus Technologies

Qidenus Technologies is a manufacturer of premier-quality, market-leading V-shaped book scanners based in Vienna, Austria. Qidenus Robotic, Mastered and Smart book scanners are trusted by a vast network of major distributors and customers all over the world. In combination with powerful software, these state-of-the-art book scanners address the entire range of customer needs, from high-performance, large-scale book digitisation and 24/7 operation to mid- and low-volume book scanning. Qidenus Technologies is part of the Youston group of companies.

About Dyanix

Dyanix is a leading solutions provider in the broad area of digital transformation. As an expert with over 20 years of experience in the scanning and capture business, the company offers the best and leading hardware and software solutions to its customers. Besides this, the company also offers innovative solutions to increase productivity, company processes, and possibilities in analysis and storage. On top of this, Dyanix has a complete range of services to support partners at many
levels. The company aims to have sustainable relationships with its partners; it is a gateway for vendors and, at the same, it creates new opportunities for its resellers and end users.

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