User-unfriendly computer systems can cause medication errors

Healthcare professionals work with many different computer systems even in a single day. When it comes to medicine, being precise and careful with customer information is crucial. Healthcare workers regularly need to fill in sensitive information or select the correct medication from long lists. These factors increase the probability of medical errors being made by employees.

In a recent study by the RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment), it was identified that the computer systems used by healthcare professionals are not user-friendly. This leads to mistakes being made including missing warnings regarding mixing certain medicines or prescribing wrong dosages. Besides non-user-friendly systems, high work pressure and inexperience with these systems also contribute to the likelihood of errors being made.

In most cases, it is not the skill set of the employees that is causing the problem, but that they are not using the software/system in the right way. And this is where Apty can help!

Apty is a Digital Adoption Platform specifically designed to increase the utilisation and productivity of software. With Apty, it is easy to set up guided workflows, to show users exactly how to carry out their tasks whilst they are using the software. It’s no longer necessary to pull employees out of their daily tasks for expensive and time-consuming training. Research has shown that 75% of what is learnt in training is forgotten within 24 hours. Learning how to use software whilst you are using it, is much more effective and efficient.

By adding data validation rules, Apty can highlight where employees are making mistakes and prompt them to correct or fill in the missing information. It will also prevent information from being submitted if it is incorrect or incomplete.

User analytics allows managers to identify where their employees are getting stuck and need extra guidance. You can create customised walkthroughs and announcements to guide your employees in the right direction and optimise the complete onboarding process.

Apty ensures a 300% faster adoption, 40% increase in employee performance and productivity, and saves 80% in training and support costs. Book a demo today!

Healthcare workers have enough challenges to deal with, make sure that software isn’t one of them. Read our blog to find out how Apty removes the headache of non-user-friendly computer systems.

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