Dyanix is the new Spigraph company name for all activities outside France

Change of structure and strategy for ambitious solutions provider

HOUTEN (NL), June 7th 2021 - Spigraph changes its name and becomes Dyanix as of June 7th 2021. Spigraph is a French company by origin that executed a change in its company structure recently.
The Dyanix name change is applicable to the part of the company that has subsidiaries in Benelux, DACH, Iberia, Nordics and the UK. As one of the leading solutions providers, Dyanix focuses on its current thriving business as an expert in document capture and information management, and adds innovative solutions that enable digital transformation to its portfolio. Furthermore, Dyanix offers a full range of services to support its customers. The change of strategy gives its suppliers and start-ups the possibility to enter the EMEA market. At the same time Dyanix’s large network of resellers is given the opportunity to offer their customers solutions that help to make digital transformation happen.  

Enabling partners

The name change into Dyanix underlines the new strategy the company is embracing in enabling its partners. Peter de Boer, CEO of Dyanix, is very excited about the new developments; “At Dyanix we place partnership at the centre of our business. As a solutions provider we want to add value to our vendors, and to customers around Europe,” he says. “The launch of our new company brand is just the beginning. It has to grow on us and our partners over time. It will help to identify who we are, and how we can serve our partners in the best possible way.”
Recently Spigraph went through a company restructuring. As a result, the European entity of Spigraph, except France, will be separated from the mother company and become Dyanix. For the French market, in which Spigraph is a well-known and strong brand, Spigraph will remain. Both Spigraph and Dyanix are part of Mediapps Innovation and will continue to work together closely.

Hardware, Software and Services

The company is an expert in document scanner hardware and capture software from the world‘s leading and well-known manufacturers. Dyanix offers independent advice to provide its customers with the best scanning solution for their business. The portfolio consists of a wide range of document scanners, from workgroup and network scanners to high-volume production scanners.
Dyanix also expands its portfolio of innovative solutions that enable digital transformation.
By adding new products the company will help resellers and end users to increase productivity, improve processes and assist with analysis and storage. In the near future, Dyanix will add more innovative solutions to its portfolio.
A full package of services such as consultancy, installation & maintenance, implementation, training, financial, and supply chain offers support to partners. “We offer a unique set of services to our partners”, says Peter de Boer. “Whether you need independent advice and consultancy, a service contract including swap service, or specialised logistical support in the supply of large scanning equipment, we can deliver.”

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